Compressor racks

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    The compressor rack is the most important and complex electromechanical device in the refrigeration system: this delivers cooling for the foodstuffs to all the refrigeration utilities and the related processing rooms.

    Each manufacturer adapts their products to requirements in terms of performance and costs, and consequently the CAREL retail sistema has been designed to be flexible and customised.
    We can provide OEMs and installers a complete line that matches the results of their design efforts, maximising the results.
    From varying numbers of simple hermetic compressors to variable load or inverter controlled semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors.
    The CAREL retail sistema has a solution for all applications.
    In terms of energy saving, the compressor rack has a wide range of operation, as the installed power is very significant: all our solutions have been designed with the focus on this aspect, with the aim of minimising electricity consumption.
    The use of E2V proportional electronic expansion valves in the refrigeration utilities at the point of sale exploits the maximum advantages of the energy saving functions in the compressor rack controller.